Tech-Priest serving the Imperium


Name: Novus
Career Path: Tech-Priest
Rank: Mech-Wright
Total XP Spent: 1450
XP to Spend: 0
Wounds: 11 of 11
—Critical Damage:
Fate Points (Total): 2
Current: 2
Insanity Points: 5
—Degree of Madness:
Corruption Points: 0
—Degree of Corruption:
Wealth (Current): 155
—Monthly Income: 165
—Walk (1/2 Action): 2
—Walk (Full Action): 4
—Charge: 6
—Run: 12

Weapon Skill: 31
Ballistic Skill: 38
Strength: 35
Toughness: 31
Agility: 28
Intelligence: 51
Perception: 33
Willpower: 33
Fellowship: 35

Basic Skills (Skilled or higher only) –
Logic – Skilled
Medicae – Skilled

Advanced Skills (Skilled or higher only) –
Speak Language (Low Gothic) – Skilled
Literacy – Skilled
Tech-Use – Skilled+10
Secret Tongue (Tech) – Skilled
Trade (Copyist) – Skilled
Pilot (Military Craft) – Skilled
Demolition – Skilled
Common Lore (Tech) – Skilled
Common Lore (Machine Cult) – Skilled
Security – Skilled

Talents and Traits
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Basic Weapon Training (Las)
Technical Knock
Mechanicus Implants
Electoo Graft Reload
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Heightened Senses (Sight)
Mechadendrite Use (Utility)

Advancements Taken
Intelligence (2)

Electro-graft, Electoo Inductors, Respirator Unit, Cyber-Mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry, Spare Parts (10), Vial of Sacred Oil (4), Mechanicus robes and vestments, combitool, microbead, glow lamp, data slate, stims (2), synthskin (2), Light Boarding Armor, Metal Staff, Fury Assault Las-Pistol, stun grenade (2), smoke grenade (2), monoblade combat knife, Mechadendrite (Utility), Melta Gel (1), Guardian Servo Skull (Hextes)

Head: 4 (Carapace)
Body: 4 (Carapace)
Right Arm: 3 (Flak)
Left Arm: 3 (Flak)
Right Leg: 3 (Flak)
Left Leg: 3 (Flak)


Novus is a young Tech-Priest acolyte from the Forge World of Belacane. Inducted early into the mysteries of the Machine Cult, Novus learned quickly and showed great abilities and innovations in communing with machine spirits for his age. His curiosity also knew no bounds, despite the attempts of the Adeptus Mechanicus to limit such thinking. To his superiors, Novus was a problem that needed to be solved, a piece of machinery that needed to be brought back into true. But he was too skilled to waste. Instead, Novus was assigned to a customs freighter where he would likely be too busy with his duties to investigate things the Machine Cult did not want investigated. Further, his placement would bring him into contact with many ships and peoples who may have technologies the Adeptus might find interesting. Novus was aware that his assignment was in no small part a punishment, but he was unconcerned so long as he got to see and play with new things in the course of his duties.


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