Hailing from the Feral world of Dusk, Garm is an Imperial Sanctioned Psyker.


Garm is a Feral Worlder. Due to the harsh environment he was born into this makes his body body type a bit more rangy, and tall. His skin is a light brown with large ritual scars criss-crossing his forehead, arms, and chest. His eyes are a vibrant green.


Garm was born on the Feral world of Dusk. A world known not only for the horrific xeno-types that inhabit the wilderness, but also for its tie to the warp. An unusually high percentage of Dusk-born children develop the abilities of a Psyker. Which has made the world a more frequent stop for the Black Ships of the Imperium.

Raised among his people of the Black River Tribe, more derisively known as Mud Eaters, for what is considered on Dusk to be his prime years (Life expectancy on Dusk is measured in a handful of decades.) Garm was a talented hunter. But that was changed when a visiting cleric of the Cult of the Emperor accompanied by a Sanctioned Psyker came to their village to preach the word of the Emperor. It was found that Garm’s success as a hunter was due to his instinctual use of psychic abilities that aided him. The Sanctionite was the only thing that saved Garm from being slain as a warlock. This Psyker recognized in the youth the strength that could one day find service to the Emperor. Taken from his Tribe he was remanded to the custody of the planetary Arbites and eventually handed to the Black Ships.

The trip to Terra was an experience of unimaginable pain and torture. Heavily dosed with various alchemical concoctions he was tested repeatedly to see if his soul was strong enough to resist the temptations of the warp and the dark beings that reside in it. Even though he was deemed strong it was not the end of his testing. Arriving on Terra he would be tested further and then tutored in the ways of warpcraft and the dangers inherent in the call of a Sanctioned Psyker.

Near the end of his tutelage at the Schola Sanctionis he was given a truly great gift for his devotion and piety, he was to be Throne Wed to the Emperor of Mankind. In a grand ceremony he was taken before the Golden Throne and allowed to gaze upon the Holy Form of the Emperor. He was gifted his chattalium ring and stationed with Calixis Customs.


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