Prolis Phent - Deceased????

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Prolis Phent was a child abandoned in the long boarding line for a imperial guard regiment deploying to the Eastern fringe. He was found wandering around the ministorum’s facility on _____ and was sent to the Scholar Progentum on Scintilla 3. He showed much interest in the martial aspects of the school, however his smaller frame and great intellect lead him to more scholarly pursuits. He excelled at tactical knowledge, research, logic, and application of the Ministorum’s laws and supply system. However, his heart constantly was pulled to the study of the warrior ethos. He has been censured on numerous occasions for reading books and poems on duty of epic adventure to include the stories of the Blood Angels, and the ancient tales of the Emperor’s heroic deeds. This romanticizing of war lead Prolis to request assignment to a warship, however his marks only warrented stationing on a Calixis Customs Corvette, the Shard of Piety (more commonly known as the Shard of Dispair.)

Prolis tends to have an overly romantic view of what and combat is. He has enjoyed all of this training as a CET member, and excited at the prospects for adventure that he has. Unfortunately he has never experience real combat, and it may take him a little while for him to mentally accept the difference between actual war and the fiction that he has filled his head with. In really dire situations the years of Scholar Progentum training will take over.

Prolis Phent - Deceased????

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