Dark Heresy ABQ campaign

Trouble on the Pax Calixis

Following the seizure of the Luna-class intersystem transport. The team from Adam 12 were released on a specific investigation. Apparently the crew of the luna transport were carrying a new, unknown narcotic that was highly addictive and was crewed from psyker brain matter amung other things. The Pax Calixis, a chartist system that plied the warp routes of the Calixis sector had transported the small ship to the Vaxanide system, was recalled to transport the team back to Scintilla, to follow up on a lead. The capital of the luna transport made reference to meeting with Lund in the Coscarla sector to pick up this cargo. So Adam 12 has been sent to investigate. The Calixis Customs wants to keep this under the radar until they know more about where this drug originated. The team was give a captured Aquilla lander, and have come aboard the Pax Calixis.

While on the Pax Calixis, the team has been given the rights to continue their investigation into the transport crew’s doings by the ship captian. Unfortunately during the feast, Novus and the Sgt tried some of the Dusk Shadow Sloth, and became ill. So the rest of the team began the investigation. They found that the transport crew was spending a lot of time in the Cirque de Carnel, the ships redlight district attempting to sell their cargo. Unfortunately this lead to several fights between the crew and the local narco gangers which lead to a death and the transport crew being placed under house arrest on their ship.

While interogating the narco-gangers, the team discovered that while the suspects were attempting to sell their cargo, their primary reason seemed to be to deliever a package to a ‘Xerkes,’ apparently a local heretek. While investigating this in Cirque de Carnel, it seemed that a growning level of warp energy within the area was interferring with the psyker, and when the tech-priest joined the group was reading massive geller field readings. So the team delved into what seemed to be ‘Xerkes’ high-out to confront him and attempt to stop whatever it is he is attempting to accomplish.



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