Dark Heresy ABQ campaign

Tech Priest Novus Log 2

Today’s Thought: There can be no bystanders in the battle for survival. Anyone who will not fight by your side is an enemy you must crush.

Novus Log #2

We have arrived on Scintilla and quickly ran into troubles when in orbit while attempting to land withing Hive Sibellus. To the surprise of not only myself, but my companions, Sergeant Ferrus was able to bypass the bureaucratic wrangling. This was fortunate, as I had calculated out estimated waiting time to land to be nearly three weeks. Instead, we were permitted to land immediately.

We were greeted by the Lord Commander of the local PDF forces, who appeared to be an acquaintance of Sergeant Ferrus. I admittedly missed a fair portion of the conversation that then took place. The Lord Commander possessed a weapon of incredible workmanship. I estimated that it must have been handcrafted to an exacting degree and I was busy admiring the efforts of what must have been very talented Magi. I did, however, record the conversation for later perusal.

What brought me back to the topic at hand was the Sergeant giving away our Aquilla lander in exchange for the Lord Commander’s assistance. I would have liked to protest, but the deal was quickly done before I could interject. I registered my complaint with this arrangement and informed the Sergeant that he would need to explain to our superiors as to why the lander was no longer in our possession. The machine spirit of the lander was battered and old, but still strong.

We then made our way down to the lower levels of the Hive in the vehicle/habitation provided by the PDF. After switching gear to things more fitting for the area, we made our way to the local market. A merchant claimed to have a cache of technology claimed from an old Mechanicus outpost. I doubted this. But when the dealer claimed that he had a dataslate with STC information, I could not risk passing up the opportunity. After extensive bargaining and trading two grenades and some money, I was able to purchase the item. I have not yet had much time to peruse the contents, however.

My companions and I arrived shortly at a bar filled with hive scum and those that the scum fed on. I am unsure as to what precipitated the alteraction, but I was quickly alerted that our imposed companion Nihilus was in trouble by the sound of a gunshot. Events quickly took a turn for the worse. I am unsure why, but the bar was quickly filled with powerful winds. I was able to retain my footing. I was the only one to do so. I was greeted with cries accusing me of being a psyker and heretic. Inaccurate as that may be, there are about 50 of them and merely 1 of me.

I must now concentrate on my escape.

The Omnisiah and Emperor protect me.

End entry.



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