Dark Heresy ABQ campaign

Tech Priest Novus Log 1

Today’s Thought: A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.

Novus Log #1

In light of recent events, I feel it is my duty as a Tech-Priest to record my thoughts and observations on this mission to which I have been assigned. It has been written elsewhere as to how we arrived on the Pax Calixis and I shall not repeat that information here. I fell ill due to a foul concoction known as Shadow Sloth, from the planet Dusk. Our sanctioned Psyker hails from this planet and suffered no ill effects, but two of us were not so lucky. I must, at some point, discuss with my brother Priests what sort of holy machinery I may petition to be planted within me to prevent such a a thing from happening again.

Upon the weakness of flesh passing from me, I attempted to meet up with Garm, Prolis, and Able as they had already begun an investigation into happenings upon the ship. As I was not present to observe these events myself, I will omit them from my record and instead refer any who read this to their logs and reports.

Shortly after linking up with my fellow Customs enforcers, there were a number of strange occurrences. I began to pick up odd distortions and static on several frequencies and Garm reported similar sensations in the Immaterium. In addition, I was picking up immense Geller field readings. Upon consulting my auspex among other things, we began to move towards the rear of the ship in search of whatever was causing these effects. The ship began accelerating alarmingly and it was often difficult to retain our footing as we moved faster than I have seen such a ship as this ever go.

Guided only by my auspex, my faith in the Omnisiah, and the strength of the God-Emperor, we descended into the jefferies tubes of the bowels of the ship in our search. After a problem overcoming the obstacle of a broken grating, we were confronted with a pair of doors that had shown recent use. Upon opening them, we were confronted and attacked many servitor drones. My previous experience in servicing, maintaining, and dealing with servitors was no help as they had obviously been corrupted by some foul energy.

After some struggle, we managed to destroy the corrupted things and end their torment. Not without casualties of our own. Garm and Able had been rendered unconscious, either by the efforts of the servitors or backlash of Warp energy. Our guide from the Pax Calixis gave his life in service to the Emperor and Omnisiah and I shall commend him for this.

We were quickly upon the renegade Mechanicus adept and I made my fury known at his blasphemies with a flurry of las fire. Guardsman Ferrus supplied the finishing blow, severing the foul HeriTech’s leg from his body and ending his schemes. Upon inspection, I discovered a xenos device attached to the ships power fields and after some further investigation, determined that the device was siphoning energy from the Immaterium and forcing it into the ships power systems. A nearby book and an ancient data slate provided the information I needed to disconnect the system, but in the end, I believe that my faith in the Omnisiah faltered just enough and although I was able to disconnect the system, the ship was brought to a complete stop and ejected from the Immaterium.

Although the device was xenos in origin, I also could not help but not the resemblance to a long lost and legendary STC device which would have served much the same function. I arranged to have the device brought to our quarters where I may study it before turning it over to those higher up. The Warnings say “The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path”, but do the Mysteries not say “Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension”? Can we not wrest knowledge from this xenos device that could help us find more of the Holy STC? The Magi may not entirely agree, which is why I had intended to make my own examination and prepare my own records.

However, I was not able to do much with the device before we were visited by the Lord Captain of the Pax Calixis. After reassuring him of our part in the earlier events, he ordered the device be removed to be examined by his own ship Tech-Priests. I cannot say as to their opinions as to such unorthodox research as mine, but I could not refuse the Lord Captain. I have retained a visual record of my initial examinations of the device which, Omnisiah willing, will be of use nevertheless.

The Lord Captain assigned one of his servants to assist us on an indefinite basis. This person did not make a good initial impression, but ultimately we decided it was unwise to fill a representative of the Lord Captain with las fire. Even if they would have earned such a fate by pulling a knife on our group.

Regardless, as we reached our destination, we once again dined with the Lord Captain and because of our extraordinary efforts to save the shift, we were presented with gifts. I was presented with a Guardian Servo Skull. Appropriately enough, it was made from the skull of the Tech Heretic we had killed. The others also received impressive gifts. I must ask both Ferrus and Able to examine the artifacts that they were given.

We are now off the ship and en route to our next destination. I must again concentrate on my piloting.

Praise the Omnisiah and may He guide my actions.

End Recording



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