Dark Heresy ABQ campaign


This is the cry that you have issued several times in training. Now it is time to step out into the sector and help ride the Imperium of the crimial smuggling scum, raiding xenos, and deadly pirates that ply the warp routes and black of space.

When Lord Sector Hax took control of the Calixis Sector 150 standard Terran years ago, he discovered that the graft and corruption was running rampant within the government of his new sector. After 5 years of executions and banishments, Lord Hax was able to clean up a large percentage of the offenders. Part of this was by creating the Chaliced Commissariat.

He also say the efficiency of the Void Commercia, and its Custodius Commercia Calixis, or the Calixis Customs Enforcement, lanquishing. It had become a dumping ground for the dregs of the PDF and the various sector law enforcement agencies. He reinvegorated their numbers and their budget and expanded its operation. This organizations was tasked to bring Chartist ships back into the fold of the Calixis taxation system. They were given the authority to board any charstist ship within Calixis space to inspect for contraband, and ensure that the correct taxitation was paid to the Lord Sector’s coffers.

Since the inception of the Custodius Commercia Calixis, it has had a notable success of imposing Lord Calixis’ rule on to the Chartist community. In addition, it has evolved into a ready made strike force at his finger tips, and the Chaliced Commissart has used the Customs Enforcement Teams in a number of various military operations to enforce Lord Hax will. This has often put the CCE at odds with the Planetary Defence Forces, Battlefleet Calixis, and the Imperial Guard regiments operating within the sector. They all realize that the CCE is an established part of the sector, and often the CCE fleet and Battlefleet Calixis operate jointly.

The Lathe class customs enforcement corvettes of the Custodius Commercia Calixis provide a powerful weapon against the various pirates and smugglers that operate within the sector. The fleet currently is comprised of 200 ships, broken down into 8 sub-fleets, one for each subsector. However, 3 ships are currently on ‘loan’ to the Calixis Conclave of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition.



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