Dark Heresy – Albuquerque

Here is the home page for the Albuquerque Dark Heresy campaign being played at Active Imaginations.

Our next game will be Wednesday August 12th at 6:00PM at the Store.

Currently involved in the game are:

Salcor/SeanGM aka the closest thing to the God-Emperor of Mankind (may we purge the unclean in His name) that maggot acolytes are ever likely to get to see.

Phelanar/Aaron – Pimped out Tech-Priest by the name of Novus.

Eddie/Shocktruppen – Resident Daemon-bait Psyker by the name of Garm.

Andrew/Spoons_of_Death – Arbiter with a deadly burst shot and growing screams collection. Able’s the name.

Jim – Jaded Guardsman called Ferrus with a bad attitude and a shaded past.

Simmon – Undercover Arbitor from Divisio Immoralis.

Here’s the main link for this wiki.

Dark Heresy ABQ campaign

Sagan Gileon Spoons_of_Death